What makes ridesf.com different from Google Maps/Yahoo Maps/Mapquest/etc?
RideSF.com returns routes that heavily favor bicycle lanes.
Why did you make ridesf.com?
RideSF.com is meant to help cyclists find safe (city sanctioned) bicycle directions in San Francisco.
How was ridesf.com made?
The site backend is powered by Postgres with the PostGIS extension and the routing is found with the pgRouting extension. A small C cgi app returns the path in a variety of formats (GPX, KML, JML, WKT, & JSON). The data for the bike lanes is a combined version of data from the CA MTC and Tiger Line Data from the US Census. The route is displayed using the Google Maps API.
Is there an iPhone/iPod Touch version?
Yes, yes there is. If, for some reason, it's not automatically loading for you from your iPhone/iPod Touch here is a direct link. Alternatively you can use Baytripper on your iPhone or iPod touch.
I love rideSF.com, how can I help?
Send feedback with praise, complaints, flames, or suggestions, click on an ad or two, or you can even donate.